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Explore the finest treatment plans to reflect the true potential of your mind. Break all the mental health stigmas and nourish your mind to cultivate happiness. Seek our professional help and take a step towards mental well-being. Get rid of common mental health issues and commit to your sound mental health to unlock your brain potential.


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Why Choose LB Sea Psychiatry?

Don’t let your mental disorders ruin your peace of life. Get our treatment plans and choose mental resilience. Our expertise will assist you in rediscovering mental joy by preventing mental disorders.

Our Services

Cherish your mental health with our mental health solutions and discover the beauty of a healthy mind.


Defeat your anxiety symptoms with our TMS therapy. Choose this therapy to choose your mental serenity and resilience. TMS will surely help you break the silence and cherish life.

ADHD Testing

Transform your mental health with our services of ADHD testing. Get benefits from our ADHD testing services to navigate the mental health challenges associated with ADHD.


Stop getting depressed and utilize the antidepressant Spravato to create mental harmony, Renew your mind with this antidepressant and reconnect with the real joy of life.

Psychotherapy Services

Renew your mind by treating your all mental illnesses. Take benefit of our psychotherapy services and initiate your journey of peaceful living.

Psychiatric Evaluations

Get our professional assistance and timely identify your cognitive issues with our psychiatric evaluation. Get the mental health solutions and revitalize your mental health.

Psychiatric Medication Management

Get the best recommendations for psychiatric medications and manage the symptoms of mental health disorders. Follow our guidelines and get rid of your mental health issues.

Building Mental Resilience

Take a step ahead to acquire mental clarity

Our mental health services are building the bridge to mental wellness. Prioritize your mental health as your mental wellness starts here. Foster mental resilience and revitalize your brain to live life with absolute potential.

Our Vision

We are striving to unleash your mental potential by offering the finest mental health services. Elevate your mental health by getting empathy in every step of your treatment plan.

Our Mission

We want to empower the minds of thousands of individuals so they stay secure from mental health issues and live a purposeful life.

Get a break from the mental health restraints

LB Sea Psychiatry is the ideal mental wellness destination. Ignite your mental strength with our mental health services and perfectly embrace mental growth. Take the initiative to heal your mind and soul and experience mindful living for a better tomorrow.

What patients say​​

Discover the impact of our care through the voices of our patients—real stories, real transformations

 Sarah M.
Sarah M.Beautician
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LB SEA Psychiatry has been a game-changer for me. The personalized care and attention from the team have truly transformed my life. I'm grateful for their expertise and compassionate approach to mental health
Alex Entrepreneur
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Couples counseling at LB SEA Psychiatry saved our relationship. The therapists provided a safe space for us to communicate and understand each other better. Our journey to a stronger bond began here
James R.
James R. Auditor
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Dr. Merry Stone's individual therapy sessions were exactly what I needed. Her empathetic approach and effective strategies helped me navigate challenges with newfound strength. Highly recommended!

Frequently asked questions

Get answers of your all common mental health queries and elevate your knowledge regarding mental health
Yes. We employ secure TMS therapy to treat anxiety symptoms.
Anxiety, depression, and ADHD are one of the common mental issues. Stop taking the stress and obtain our finest treatment solutions to foster mental resilience.
LB Sea Psychiatry provides diversified treatment plans including TMS therapy, ADHD testing, and private.
No. You can benefit from different ADHD testing services for children, teenagers, and adults.

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