The stages of mental health consultation


Request on the site

Seamless and quick—requesting support on our site is just a click away. Your well-being journey starts with ease


Appointment time

Your time, your choice. Schedule appointments at your convenience, empowering you to prioritize self-care effortlessly


Therapy session

Tailored sessions for your unique needs. Our therapists are here to guide you through a personalized journey to well-being.


Satisfied review

Discover the impact of our care through the voices of our satisfied clients. Real stories, real transformations, and real satisfaction

What patients say​​

Discover the impact of our care through the voices of our patients—real stories, real transformations

 Sarah M.
Sarah M.Beautician
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LB SEA Psychiatry has been a game-changer for me. The personalized care and attention from the team have truly transformed my life. I'm grateful for their expertise and compassionate approach to mental health
Alex Entrepreneur
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Couples counseling at LB SEA Psychiatry saved our relationship. The therapists provided a safe space for us to communicate and understand each other better. Our journey to a stronger bond began here
James R.
James R. Auditor
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Dr. Merry Stone's individual therapy sessions were exactly what I needed. Her empathetic approach and effective strategies helped me navigate challenges with newfound strength. Highly recommended!
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